Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Jimmy John's Sandwich Chain Plans Waltham Location

Location of planned Jimmy John's sandwich shop at 475 Winter St Waltham
Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches, an Illinois based chain of more than 1,900 locations, is pursuing a new shop in Waltham.  A company source confirmed a location is planned for 475 Winter Street in Waltham, part of the retail plaza anchored by Bertucci's Italian Restaurant.  At least one other Massachusetts location is in the works for South Boston, which would be the first for the chain in Massachusetts.  The company has engaged a local attorney for the Waltham permitting process.

Boloco, a regional burrito chain headquartered in Boston, had hopes for a shop of its own at this location and presented itself before the City Council in 2012.  There were strong concerns from the Council primarily over parking at the site to accommodate a quick service restaurant.  Although the Council did not formally approve or reject the request for a Special Permit, Boloco ultimately decided to withdraw its plans to open in Waltham.  Given the similar business profile to Jimmy John's, it is unclear at this time if the issues that arose from the Boloco proposal have since been remedied.  Stay tuned for updates.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Leo's Place Move to Waltham Location Progressing

Leo's Place is finishing up renovation of Main St Waltham location.
Leo's Place is moving along in preparation for its Main St Waltham opening.  A recent visit to the site showed interior walls have been refinished and painted, new lighting has been installed, and new dining room furniture is now in place.  The kitchen area is awaiting shipment of a grill and other equipment.  As seen in the picture above, the configuration of the bar and dining area is being kept consistent with the layout of the former In a Pickle restaurant, the former occupant of this 655 Main St location.  No opening date has been announced, however appears to be on target for an August or September opening.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Local Biotech Firm Relocating and Expanding to Waltham

Former ADP Payroll office at 225 Second Ave Waltham under renovation for biotech firm
FORUM Pharmaceuticals will be moving and expanding its current Watertown operations to a 122,000 square foot building at 225 Second Avenue in Waltham.  The building, formerly occupied by ADP Payroll Services, was purchased by Marcus Partners in December 2012, who subsequently sold the property in March 2014.  The building is being renovated for office and lab use.  The project will also renovate the lobby, exterior facade, among other interior and exterior upgrades.

The privately held drug company, formerly known as EnVivo Pharmaceuticals, has a drug in late-stage development to treat Alzheimer's disease.  A 1,600 patient phase 3 clinical trial program was announced by the company in January 2014.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Demolition underway at Totten Pond Road project

Building on the East side of site being prepped for demolition.
Demolition has commenced over the last week at the Totten Pond Road office park development project.  The middle of the three buildings has been completely demolished, with the remaining two (pictured above and below) expected to be leveled in the coming week to prepare the site for new building construction.  Two new buildings, each five stories and approximately 200,000 square feet, will occupy the site, with the potential for ground level restaurant space.

Demolition of building on the West side of site, adjacent to Third Ave almost complete.

Courtyard Marriott Waltham Expansion

Design plans for expansion at Courtyard Marriott Waltham (far right is new addition)
The Courtyard Marriott Waltham is progressing on a 51 room addition to the existing building located at 387 Winter Street.  The hotel's owner, also owns and operates the adjacent Holiday Inn Express.  To make room for the Courtyard expansion, two 2-story Holiday Inn Express buildings were demolished in early 2014, leaving a 5-story Holiday Inn Express building at the site.

Construction underway on 51 room Courtyard Marriott Waltham expansion.

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