Saturday, August 16, 2014

New TD Bank To Be Built in Waltham

TD Bank has filed plans to build new bank at corner of Main and Exchange streets.
TD Bank, part of Toronto-Dominion Bank based in Toronto, Canada, is progressing with plans to build a new full service bank branch in Waltham.  The location at the corner of Main Street and Exchange Street would require the demolition of two existing buildings at 749 and 751 Main Streets, which are currently occupied by a two-story residential building and a one-story multi-tenant office building, respectively.  The proposed location will have a two lane drive-thru, which is currently pending a special permit from the city.  Site access will be achieved from two driveways, one from a new curb cut on Main Street at the west end of the property and another on Exchange Street.

The bank had previously obtained a special permit for a two-lane drive thru for a  location planned at the 1265 Main Street retail development, which is approximately one mile to the west of the 749-751 Main Street address.  Construction has not yet commenced for a bank building at the 1265 Main St property.  It is unclear if the company will build both site locations.  An existing TD Bank at Bear Hill Road in Waltham would be closed upon the opening of either Main Street location.  

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